Scotch Ridge Nature Park

Scotch Ridge Nature Park is a robust 47 acres of restored native ecosystem. This destination is the product of a 13-year community effort to showcase the area’s ecological, cultural, and historical uniqueness. It houses rare plant life from the area and provides habitat to rare and endangered species of animals. The area is rumored to have been home to Woodland cultures and other Native American tribes. More recently in history, it was the location was the Keeney Hoover Mill, which was one of the many mills in the Carlisle area.

Scotch Ridge Nature Park features a natural playscape. It is comprised of natural materials to provoke unstructured, imaginative, and educational play. There is also a large, sheltered picnic area near the playground.

The park is the northern trailhead for the Scotch Ridge Nature Trail, a 3.3-mile trail that connects with the Summerset Trail by Carlisle’s Aquatic Center.

As with all other parks in Carlisle, pets are allowed. All animals shall be always restrained on adequate leashes, owner is responsible for removing all waste or excreta deposited by any animal.