Carlisle North Park Playground Project

The North Municipal Park in Carlisle will soon be home to a new, modern, handicap accessible playground. Des Moines River Dental Care is taking the lead on building a play structure will include at least five slides and multiple climbing elements. There will be a music area and new swings. Best of all, the play structure will be placed on rubber surfacing and have wide ramps, making it and the swings completely handicap accessible. Children of every ability level will be able to utilize this space. A destination playground like this will attract visitors to our community and more recognition for our town. Drs. Emma and Tyler Villiard are working hard to bring this new park to the Carlisle area.

The playground will be named in memory of Dex Mehrhoff. Dex’s family, Jason, Kara and Mary Grace Mehrhoff are members of the Carlisle community and are helping with the playground to honor their son’s memory. Dex had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome early in the pregnancy. Sadly, Dex was stillborn on October 19, 2021. This inclusive playground built in Dex’s honor will ensure that children of all abilities will have a safe and fun place to play.

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